The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Paternal Paternal
Great Grandparents

       James       Sarah Ann
      McAdams        Hoyle
         |             |
             James ----- Sarah
            McAdams  |   Haines
                  Samuel ----- Margaret
                  Haines   |    Ellen
                  McAdams  |    Staley
James McAdams and Sarah Ann Hoyle
North Carolina
James McAdams was born in Perquimans County in the northeast corner of North Carolina on the 9th of November in 1773. He was the first child of Joseph McAdams and Helena Elloitt. His mother died when he was only 4 years old. Sometime after his father's death in 1796, James headed west. Somewhere in his travels he meet Sarah Ann Hoyle possible in Rutherford County in southwest North Carolina. She was probably born in Rutherford County, North Carolina around 1786.
They were married around 1803. Their first child, John, was born about 1804 in North Carolina. Some sources say that their second child, Isaac, was also born in North Carolina about 1805, but later in life he always claimed he was born in Tennessee. In any case, the young family moved further west in central Tennessee, arrivng in Bedford County before 1810, based on tax records. James bought 1,000 acres of land somewhere near Hurricane Creek not far from its juncture with the Duck River. This would place the land a few miles northwest of the present day city of Shelbyville, the county seat of Bedford County.

Interestingly, their were 2 other McAdams males there at the same time: Isaac, who was living with James in 1810; and Amos. Isaac then married and around 1820 moved to Fayette County, Ohio. Amos was by 1820 married with children and his family remained in Bedford County for many years. It is not known for sure that there was a family connection among the 3 McAdams men, but it seems likely that there was.

By 1820, James and Sarah have at least 5 more children. The 1820 censue for Bedford County, shows 2 females between the ages of 26 and 45 living with James McAdams. One of those is his wife, Sarah Ann, and the second as was discovered later is probably Sarah Ann's older sister, Mary Catherine Hoyle. Sometime before 1823, Sarah Ann died and James marries the older sister, Mary Catherine. James and Mary Catherine have a daughter they name Mary Catherine. She was born on April 17, 1824 in Bedford County.

By 1830, they are still in Bedford County Tennessee. Then James decides to move his family to Logan County, Ohio. It could not have been an easy travel from Rutherford County, North Carolina over the Blue Ridge Mountains to get to Bedford County in Middle Tennessee, a distance of about 350 miles with no roads, only trails, traveling with his wife, 2 small children, and his wife's sister. Now try to imagine traveling from Middle Tennessee north to Logan county, Ohio, a distance of about 450 miles, still with no roads, but now with a new wife and 8 children.
Why move an established family from Tennessee to Ohio? It is written that when James came to Middle Tennessee, he built a Quaker Church on his property there. There are 2 possible reasons for this move: Slavery was becoming an issue and being Quaker, they probably didn't approve; also where James was located in Middle Tennessee, he was near the War Trace, a route the native Indians traveled on going north or south to raid other tribes. During their travels they pillaging off the land that was now own by white settlers.
Logan County
In any case they moved to Rush Creek Township, in Logan county, Ohio where they bought land and establish a cement factory in the county seat town of Rushsylvania. Rushsylvania is located about 50 miles northwest of the present day city of Columbus, Ohio.

James died the day before Christmas in 1838 and was buried in Stanfield Cemetry in Rush Creek Township.

Mary Catherine
James' second wife, Mary Catherine still lived in Rush Creek Township with her daughter and stepson, Martin, in 1840. She and her stepson, Wilson, purchased land in Sections 33 and 34 in Liberty Township, Hardin County, just across the county line from another stepson, and our relative, James, where he and his sons had land in Section 3 of Marion Township. Mary Catherine McAdams died on September 30th in 1861 and was buried next to her husband, James.
Children of James McAdams and Sarah Ann Hoyle

John McAdams born about 1804 in North Carolina

Isaac McAdams born about 1806 in North Carolina or Tennessee

James McAdams born August 5, 1812 in Bedford County, Tennessee

Katherine McAdams born about 1813 in Bedford County, Tennessee

William McAdams born about 1814 in Bedford County, Tennessee

Wilson McAdams born March 12, 1815 in Bedford County, Tennessee

Martin H. McAdams born January 5, 1818 in Bedford County, Tennessee

Children of James McAdams and Mary Catherine Hoyle

Mary Catherine McAdams born April 17, 1824 in Bedford County, Tennessee

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