The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Paternal

        James            Sarah
       McAdams           Haines
          |                |
               Samuel --------- Margaret
               Haines     |     Ellen
               McAdams    |     Staley

James McAdams and Sarah Haines Picture
Family Group
Birth Place
James was born in Bedford County in the middle of Tennessee, on August 5, 1812, not far from the present city of Shelbyville, which is located about 40 miles south of Nashville. He is shown living with his father in the 1820 and 1830 U.S. Census for Bedford County in Tennessee.
In 1833, the entire family moved north to Fayette County in southwestern part of Ohio. There he met and married 18 years old Sarah Haines on February 13, 1834. Sarah was born on January 19, 1816 in Ohio up in the northeastern part near the border with Pennsylvania in Salem Township in Columbiana County. The town of Salem is located about 20 miles southeast of present day Youngstown. Her father had moved there from Virginia about the time Ohio became a state in 1803. Shortly after Sarah's birth, the family moved to Fayette County near the border of Green and Perry Township. The county seat of Fayette County is Washington Court House, which is located about 30 miles southeast of Columbus.
James' father had bought land in Rush Creek Township in Logan County but James saw his opportunity in the next county north. where he bought land in Marion Township in Hardin County, Ohio in 1834. James' uncles, Wilson and Isaac, had bought land in the same section, a section of land being 1 mile square.
Hardin County
Hardin County was formed out of the northern part of Logan County in 1820. The land in the northern part of the county was part of Congressional Lands of 1819. The land had been surveyed and available for purchase at that time. It was mostly speculators that originally bought the land from the government and then resold it to settlers. In 1833 the County Seat was located on 40 acres of Congressional Land and platted. The town was named after Simon Kenton and the plat was registered with the state in June. At the time when the town was laid out there were 3 or 4 cabins, but no villages per se. Ft. McArthur a few miles to the west of town was the only center of civilization at that time. The only Post Office in the area and the only place to purchase supplies at the time was in Dunkirk, several miles to the east.

In 2008 the Hardin County Genealogical Society certified the James McAdams family of 1834 as a Pioneer Family of Hardin County, Ohio.

Marion Township
James and Sarah moved to Marion Township in Hardin County to clear the land for farming and to raise a family. Marion Township is about 15 miles east of present day Lima, Ohio in Allen County. In the 1840's James' widowed stepmother, Mary Catherine, and his brother, Martin, bought land in the section just to the northeast but in Liberty Township. Wilson owned land in the section immediately north of James. James' half-sister's (Mary Catherine) future husband's (William Ansley) family lived in the next section east of James' stepmother. The Mary Catherine name can be very confusing for it was common name in James' family. He had a stepmother, a half-sister, and a daughter, all with the same name.
Early Deaths
James and Sarah had 11 children over the next 23 years. Eight of those children lived to adulthood. Wilson died just after one year, George lived only a few months, and Martin died at the age of 9. Just 2 years after the 11th child was born, James died at the age of 47 on November 21, 1859.
For the next decade or so Sarah stayed on the farm with her son, Alfred Orah, doing the farming as witnessed by the 1860 U.S. Census. By 1870, Alfred Orah, had moved on and Sarah's other sons, Samuel and Charles, were doing the farming. By 1880 Sarah had moved to the nearby town of Ada, where her son, James, was attending school. Ada is the home of the present Ohio Northern University. The school existed as early as the mid 1870's as a teacher's school.
Also, living with Sarah in Ada in 1880 were 2 of her granddaughters, Millie and Ella McFarlin. John McFarlin from Allen County, basically from the next section west, married James' brother's (John) daughter, Mary Kane. She died before 1870 and John McFarlin married Sarah's daughter, Amanda Melvina, in 1871. They had 2 children, Millie and Ella, then Amanda died, probably during the childbirth of Ella. The children moved in with Sarah.
Sarah's son, Samuel, had moved west to Iowa and by 1895 she was living with Samuel in Ramsey Township in Kossuth County in northern Iowa near Bancroft. By 1900, 84 year old Sarah was still living with Samuel, but now in Harrison Township still in Kossuth County near Swea City.

Sarah died there on October 18, 1905 and is buried in the Harrison Township Cemetery just east of Swea City.

Children of James McAdams and Sarah Haines

Mary Catherine born 8 Jan 1836 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Hannah born 20 Jan 1838 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Alfred Orah born 25 Oct 1840 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Amanda Melvine born 11 Nov 1842 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Wilson born 25 May 1844 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Martin born 12 May 1846 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

George R. born 30 May 1849 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Samuel Haines born 15 Dec 1850 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Charles Gates born 4 Mar 1853 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

Rachel Jennie born 13 Jul 1855 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

James Edward born 9 Jul 1857 in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio

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