The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Lillian's Maternal

                       Paul     Sophronia              
                     Knapp Jr     Warren
                         |           |
               Alden  ----- Jenett
               Henry    |   Knapp
             Whitcomb   |
Paul Knapp Jr. and Sophronia Warren
Family Group
First Marriage
Paul was married 3 times. The first time he married Sophronia, but we don't know exactly when nor where. Sophronia was born Ludlow, Vermonnt on August 3rd in 1804. Ludlow is about 80 miles south of East Montpelier, Vermont where Paul was born, on March 8, 1805, and lived for many years.

Paul followed in his father's foot steps and is listed as a shoemaker in the census records throughout his life.

The 1840 census for Vermont lists only the head of household by name but it does show that they had a male child born before 1830, so I assume they were married about 1828 and I suspect that they were married in Vermont. In the 1820's Sophronia's family moved west in New York state. It is probable the Sophronia stayed behind and was working as a servant girl near Montpelier. The 1840 census indicated that they had 5 children by that time and another was born in 1846, for a total of 6 children.

Sophronia died on August 3, 1849 in East Montpelier, Vermont and is buried in Cate Cemetery there. Did she die in childbirth? We don't know, but she was only 43 years old at the time of her death and it was about 3 years after their previous child was born. So it is a possibility.

Second Marriage
Paul was remarried very soon after Sophronia's death; he needed someone to care for the children. His second marriage was to Sabrina Kemp from Stoddard in Cheshire County, Vermont. She was born in about 1808 and unfortunately she died in February of 1850, within a few months of their marriage.
Third Marriage
On September 1st in 1850, Paul married again, this time to a young immgrant girl from Ireland by the name of Margaret Kennedy. She was only 17 years old, while Paul was now 45. They had 7 children together over the next 13 years. Very little is know of the middle four children. Willian died at age 23, Lorrence appears only in the 1860 census, Cora died at age 5, and MIna May died at age 3,

About this time, Paul moved his family a few miles south to the town of Northfield, Vermont. They lived there for the next 20 years and then moved to Monroe, just across the state line in Grafton County, in New Hampshire, but only a few east of Montpelier. Sometime before his death on March 6, 1889, they moved back to East Montpelier, Vermont. He is buried there in Cate Cemetery.

Margaret moved in with her married daughter Carrie (Knapp) Sargent in Montpelier, Vermont as is shown in the 1900 census. No other trace is found of Margaret, so it is assumed that she died before the 1920 census, probably in Vermont.

Children of Paul Knapp, Jr. and Sophronia Warren

Lucretia Ann Knapp born Apr 1829 in Moretown, Washington, Vermont.

Elizabeth Ann Knapp born October 3, 1831 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Warren Knapp born about 1835 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Orlando Knapp born about 1837 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Jenett Knapp born March 8, 1839 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

William O. Knapp born about 1846 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Children of Paul Knapp, Jr. and Margaret Kennedy

Julia A. Knapp born about 1851 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont.

William Knapp born about 1853 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont.

Lorrence M Knapp born about 1855 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont.

Cora Ellen Kanpp born about 1857 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont.

Mina May Knapp born May 5, 1860 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont.

Lee V Knapp born September of 1863 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont.

Carrie L Knapp born September of 1863 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont.

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