The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Lillian's Paternal

                  Asa          Mercey 
                Whitcomb       Martin
                   |             |
                        Alden  ----- Jenett
                        Henry    |   Knapp
                      Whitcomb   |
Asa Whitcomb and Mercey Martin
Family Group
Birth Place
Asa was born around 1800 in New Hampshire, probably in Cheshsire County around Keene in the southwest corner of the state. He is listed in the 1860 United States for Orange County, Vermont, where he is living with Alden and listed as a farmer. There is no trace of Asa, in the 1850 United States census.
On April 24th in 1826 Asa Whticomb married Mercey Martin in Richmond Township in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. Mercey was born there on August 9th of 1797, the daughter of Hendrick Martin and Prudence Handy. It is believed that Asa and Mercey had at least two children: Asa Osgood and Alden Henry. Based on 2 census records (1860 and 1880) and his death record, Asa Osgood was born about 1827 in Orleans County, Vermont. Based on Alden's marriage record, he was born in 1833 Orleans County in northern Vermont. It is also believed that Mercey died before 1840, but not sure where, probably in Orleans County, Vermont.
Cheshire County
Asa moved from Vermont back to New Hampshire in the mid 1860's as did Alden. The Death Index for Marlborough in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, states that Asa died there in September of 1869. In Asa's probate record, Alden is listed as the only relative living in the area since Alden's older brother, Asa Osgood, was living in Marshfield, Vermont. In the same probate record it is mentioned that Franklin Whitcomb was caring for Asa in his illness that preceeded his death. There were a number of Whitcomb families in Cheshire County, New Hampshire at that time, but so far no connection has been made.
Orleans County
Mercey's family was originally from Cheshire County, but her parents moved to Orleans County, Vermont around 1830. At least two of Mercey's sibling married in Cheshire County, but they also moved to Vermont. In fact Asa Whitcomb appears in the 1830 U.S. Census in Barton in Orleans County, Vermont. Besied asa and Mercey there are 2 male children under the age of 5. It is believe that Mercey died there before 1840, for there are no known children born after Alden in 1833 and no trace of Mercey anywhere again. As witnessed by the 1850 and 1880 census, there us a Franklin Whitcomb in Troy born about 1835, so he may have been Asa's nephew, which means that William Whitcomb, Franklin's father, could possibly be Asa's brother.
I remember my grandmother talking about relatives from Keene, New Hampshire. Since all of Grandmother's siblings came to Minnesota from New Hampshire as a family and lived the rest if their lives in the midwest, it is hard to says who those relatives were. Those in New Hampshire were probably Whitcomb or Martin aunts and/or uncles and thus from Asa's other, still unknown, children.
Children of Asa Whitcomb and Mercey Martin

Asa Osgood Whticomb born about 1827 in Glover, Orleans County, Vermont.

Alden Henry Whitcomb born 4 October 1833 in Barton, Orleans County, Vermont.

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