The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Paternal Paternal Maternal
Great Great Grandparents

              Martin      Maria
             Hoyle Sr.    Schramm
                 |          |
       James ----- Sarah Ann
      McAdams  |     Hoyle
             James ----- Sarah
            McAdams  |   Haines
                  Samuel ----- Margaret
                  Haines   |    Ellen
                  McAdams  |    Staley
Martin Hoyle, Sr. and Maria Margaretha Schramm
Martin's grandfather, Johann Peter Hoyle, was a pioneer in western North Carolina. Originally he was from Germany born there in 1710 and came to North Carolina as early as 1736 when he married Susanna Dales. She was also from Germany and living in the area of what eventually became Mecklenburg County. He was a true pioneer in the sense that the entire area was nothing but wilderness. They truly had to fend for themselves. Martin's father, Jacob, born in North Carolina married Elizabeth Brooks in 1754 in southern North Carolina. Martin was born in 1757 in what is now Rutherford County in North Carolina. At the time there was no county distinction in this part of the state. Martin had two sister: Hannah born about 1759; and Anne born about 1760, she died at age 15. Martin's father died in 1761 when Martin was only 4 years old. Martin's mother, Elizabeth, then married Jacob Costner.
The north and south borders of the Royal Colony of North Carolina extended all the way to the Mississippi River. The area west of the Blue Ridge Mountains became the state of Tennessee arount 1799. Rutherford County was formed in 1779 out of parts of Burke and Tryon Counties. The county was named after Griffith Rutherford, a captain in the British colonial Militia during the French and Indian War and a general in the North Carolina militia during the Revolutionary War. The exact date and location of Martin's birth are really not known accept to say that it was in the southwestern part of North Carolina. The birth year was determined by his reported age at his death in 1829. Some report that he died in Cleveland County, however that county was not formed until 12 years after his death. Parts of Rutherford and Lincoln were however made into Cleveland County, so we know the general area where he lived all of his life.
Maria was born in York County, Pennsylvania on February 6th of 1757. Maria's parent were both from Germany and married in York County, Pennsylvania. Exactly when her family came to southwestern North Carolina in not known. Martin and Maria were married about 1780 in newly formed Lincoln County, mad out of part of Tryon County.
Martin Hoyle appears in the 1790 Federal census for Lincoln County. The census listed: 1 male over 16, Martin; 3 males under 16, my records have 4; 5 females, Maria and 4 daughter; and sadly enough, 1 slave. Not to make excuses, but slavery was common practice at that time, particularly in the south. The 1810 Federal Census lists only 4 residence in Martin's household: 1 male age 10-15; 1 male age 16-25, probably Martin Jr.; 1 male over 45, Martin himself; and 1 female over 45, Maria. Three of the girls in the family were married before 1810 and the other, Mary Catherine, had traveled further west with her married sister's family to Bedford County, Tennessee. Martin died on June 15th of 1829 in Rutherford County at age 72. A year and a half later Maria died there also in December of 1830.
Children of Martin Sylvanus Hoyle Sr. and Maria Margaretha Schram

Henry Hoyle born about 1781 in North Carolina.

Elizabeth Hoyle born about 1782 in North Carolina.

Mary Catherine Hoyle born May 15, 1782 in North Carolina.

David Henry Hoyle born September 11, 1786 in North Carolina.

Mary Margaret Hoyle born about 1783 in North Carolina.

John Hoyle born about 1783 in North Carolina.

Martin Sylvanus Hoyle, Jr. born January 1, 1784 in North Carolina.

Sarah Ann Hoyle born about 1786 in North Carolina.

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