The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Paternal Maternal Paternal

            Joseph      Beulah
          Haines II    Andrews
              |           |
                Ebenezer ----- Rebecca
                 Haines    |    Berry
             James ----- Sarah
            McAdams  |   Haines
                  Samuel ----- Margaret
                  Haines   |    Ellen
                  McAdams  |    Staley
Joseph Haines II and Beulah Andrews
Early History
The French had sailed the coast of what became New Jersey as early as 1524. Henry Hudson had sailed up the Hudson River in 1609. Shortly thereafter, the Dutch had a colony across the river from what is now New York City. Around 1620, about the same time that the Mayflower had landed Massachusetts, Sweden had establish a colony on the shores of the Delaware River, which forms the western boundary of New Jersey.
English Ancestry
Joseph's paternal grandfather, William, was brought to the colonies by his parents onboard the Anmity that sailed from England in 1682. William was only 10 years old. It was not a good crossing and William's father, Richard, died during the voyage and William's youngest brother, Joseph, was born a few days before the ship reached port. From that time forward for next 200 years there was a Joseph Haines in the extended family.

Beulah's paternal grandfather, Thomas, came to New Jersey from England around 1700.

Thus, Joseph and Beulah were both second generation Americans when they married in Evesham in Burlingtonn County, New Jersey on July 23, 1767. Also note that their marriage predates the Declaration of Independence by 9 years.
Joseph and Beulah were not happy with the governance of New Jersey so about that point in history Joseph and Beulah took their 5 children and moved to Frederick County in Virginia. The early Haines familes were Quakers, so I'm not sure if they took an active role in the American Revolution.

They had 6 more children all born in Frederick County. Joseph and Beulan lived out the rest of their years Frederick County. Beulah died in 1821 and Joseph in 1829.

Children of Joseph Haines II and Beulah Andrews

Patience Haines born November, 1768 in Evesham, Burlington, New Jersey.

Ebenezer Haines born July 4, 1770 in Evesham, Burlington, New Jersey.

Elizabeth Haines born January 4, 1771 in Evesham, Burlington, New Jersey.

Joseph Haines III born July 24, 1773 in Evesham, Burlington, New Jersey.

Mary Haines born January 10, 1775 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Jeremiah Haines born March 25, 1777 in Frederick County, Virginia.

William Haines born February 22, 1778 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Nathan Haines born February 22, 1780 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Vincent Haines born March 29, 1783 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Samuel Haines born December 15, 1785 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Jesse Haines born March 25, 1787 in Frederick County, Virginia.

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