The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Lillian's Maternal Maternal
Great Grandparents
                          Thomas        Anna
                        Warren Jr     Sargent
                             |           |
                 Paul  ------- Sophronia
                Knapp Jr  |     Warren
          Alden  ----- Jenett
          Henry    |   Knapp
         Whitcomb  |
Thomas Warren Jr. and Anna Sargent
Family Group
Thomas Warren, Jr. was born in New Boston, New Hampshire in 1771. His parents moved a few milew west to Francestown when when he was a boy, then about the time he was a teenager the family moved to Goffstown, just northwest of Manchester, New Hampshire. Thomas' mother died when he was about 15 years old.

Anna Sargent was born in Goffstown in 1776 about the same time that her father died while in military service in the Revolutionary War. Anna and Thomas were married in 1793 in Goffstown and immediately moved with the Warren family to Ludlow, Vermont.

In the mid 1820s Thomas and Anna moved further west to Lewis, in Essex County in upstate New York. Thomas died there a few years later. Anna lived with her son, Robert, there in Essex County and around 1840 she moved with him and his family to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This was shortly after Wisconsin became a Territory and a few years before Statehood in 1848. Although Europeans had lived in Wisconsin as early as 1766, when the first census was taken there in 1840 the population was only 30,000. The main influx of people began after statehood and by 1850 the population had grown 10 fold. So while they were not exactly pioneers coming there in the early 1840's they were certainly very early settlers. Anna died in Wisconsin about 1855.

Children of Thomas Warren Jr. and Anna Sargent

Tabatha Dustin Warren born December 4, 1793 in Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont.

Robert Willis Warren born October 5, 1797 in Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont.

Thomas Warren Jr. born November 10, 1799 in Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont

Gratis Greenlief Warren born March 26, 1802 in Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont.

Sophronia Warren born May 7, 1804, Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont

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