The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Lillian's Maternal Paternal
Great Grandparents
               Paul        Priscilla
              Knapp Sr      Edwards
                 |           |
                     Paul  ------- Sophronia
                    Knapp Jr  |     Warren
              Alden  ----- Jenett
              Henry    |   Knapp
             Whitcomb  |
Paul Knapp, Sr and Priscilla Edwards
Family Group
Paul Knapp was born around 1766 in Raynham in Bristol County in Massachusetts. Bristol County is the county just west from Plymouth County, home of the famous Plymouth Rock, landing place of the Mayflower. Raynham is about 25 miles due west of the town of Plymouth. In 1790, he is living with his parents in the settlement of Orange in Grafton County, New Hampshire. Grafton County borders Vermont on the west and is just east of Montpelier, Vermont.
Paul married Priscilla Edwards in Montpelier, Vermont on Christmas Eve in 1797. Priscilla was born in Rochester in Plymouth County in Massacheusetts on June 17th in 1775. In 1790 she was living with are parents in Rochester, Massacheusetts. Some time between then and 1797, she moved with her parents to Montpelier, Vermont. The 1800 census shows her and Paul living in Montpelier with 2 children, Samuel (born 1797) and Priscilla (born 1798).
Paul was a shoemaker most of his life. By 1810 they had moved a few miles northeast to Marshfield, Vermont and they are shown in the census of that year with 3 male children under 10 years old, Paul Jr. was born in 1805 and Orlando was born in 1808. The name of the other male under 10 is not know and must have died as it does not appear again. They did have a child born in 1800 which one researcher claims was a girl named Polly that died before 1802. That could easily be a mistake as the daughter Polly was born in 1802.
By 1820 they had moved to the town of Moretown, just a few miles west of Montpelier. In 1812 another son was born, Roland. They had another daughter named Augusta, born about 1821, probably in Moretown. From what I can determine, they lived in Moretown until Paul died on November 10, 1852. They appear in Moretown in 1830 and 1840, but so far I can't find them in 1850. However, both Paul and Priscilla are buried in Moretown. In 1860 Priscilla was living with her youngest daughter and her family in Moretown. Priscilla died on July 27, 1868 in Moretown.
Children of Paul Knapp, Sr. and Priscilla Edwards

Samuel Edwards Knapp born June 21, 1797 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Priscilla Knapp born about 1798 in Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Unknown Knapp born about 1800 in Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Polly Knapp born April 10, 1802 in Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Paul Knapp, Jr. born March 8, 1805 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Orlando Knapp born March 8, 1808 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Roland Edwards Knapp born September 12, 1812 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

Augusta S. Knapp born about 1821 in East Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

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