The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Maternal Paternal
Great Grandparents

               Peter         Hannah
             Staley III       Hall
                 |             |
                      Peter ----- Elizabeth
                    Staley IV |    Brown
             Samuel ----- Margaret
             Haines   |    Ellen
             McAdams  |    Staley
Peter Staley III and Hannah Hall
Family Group
Peter came to Jackson Township, Pickaway County, Ohio around 1820 from Berkeley county, Virginia where hs was born on April, 16, 1794. Berkeley County was in the far northwest corner of Virginia near the Maryland and Pennsylvania border. When West virginia was formed in 1863, Berkeley County was one of the counties taken from virginia. So today, Berkeley is in the far northeast corner of West Virginia.

He came to Pickaway County, Ohio with his parents and siblings. Pickaway County is the county directly south of Franklin County where the present day city of Columbus is located. Jackson Township is in the very middle of the county.

By 1820, Hannah Hall was already in Jackson Township, Pickaway County, Ohio having moved with her family from Berkeley. Hannah's mother died before 1820 and her father died in 1826.
Why did these people come from Virginia to Pickaway County, Ohio. Ohio became a territory in 1799 and at that point in time, survey crews started measuring the land and dividing it up into sections (1 mile x 1 mile). As the crews worked there way across the state, the government sold the land. Much of the land was bought up by speculators who would then go back east and sell the subdivided sections of land to young farmers looking for cheap land. So it is reasonable that farmers from a given area out east would all buy land in the same area in Ohio.
Allen County
Peter married Hannah on May 26, 1821 in Pickaway County, Ohio. By 1826, Hannah's father died and the Staley families decided that the land was better in Jackson Township, Allen County, Ohio. Allen county is in the west central part of the state and the county seat of Allen County is Lima.
Peter and Hannah had at least 6 children. The 1830 census lists 3 young females with 1 less than 5 and 2 betweem 5 and 10. One of those in the 5 to 10 age bracket does not appear in the 1840 census, which implies she died or married young, the oldest would probably have been 18 or 19 years old. Since the only name listed in any census prior to 1850 was the head of household and since none of those 3 appear in the 1850 census, we may never know what happened to them. The first 2 listed below, William and Peter, were born in Pickaway County. The last 4, Elizabeth, Eunice, John, and Clarinda, were born in Jackson Township, Allen county, Ohio. They appear in Jackson Township of Pickaway County in 1830, which implies that they moved from there to Jackson Township in Allen County sometime after the census in 1830 and before the birth of Elizabeth in 1831.
Early Death
On June 24, 1844 Hannah died at age 44 and is buried in the Lafayette Cemetery in Jackson Township in Allen County, Ohio. It is possible that she died in childbirth but we will never know. Peter lived there for another 10 years and died at age 59 on January 16, 1854. He is also buried in Lafayette Cemetery.
Children of Peter Staley, Jr. and Hannah Hall

William Staley born about 1821 in Jackson Township, Pickaway County, Ohio.

Peter Staley, IV born January 2, 1828 in Jackson Township, Pickaway County, Ohio.

Elizabeth Staley born about 1831 in Jackson Township, Allen County, Ohio.

Eunice Staley born about 1836 in Jackson Township, Allen County, Ohio.

John T. Staley born May 28, 1839 in Jackson Township, Allen County, Ohio.

Clarinda Staley born about 1842 in Jackson Township, Allen County, Ohio.

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