The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Maternal Maternal
Great Grandparents

                       Andrew    Nancy Mary
                       Brown      Williams
                         |           |
               Peter ----- Elizabeth
            Staley III |     Brown
       Samuel ----- Margaret
       Haines   |    Ellen
       McAdams  |    Staley
Andrew Brown and Nancy Mary Williams
Family Group
At Sea
One record indicates that Andrew was born 'at sea' which implies that he was born on the crossing from Ireland. Other records state that he was born in Ohio. He was probably born on June 11, 1800. In any case, by 1821 he was in Guernsey County, Ohio where he married Nancy Mary Williams on October 23rd. There is some evidence that by 1830, they were living in Jackson Township in Licking County, Ohio, based on an 1830 census and the fact that their 7th child claims to have been born there. Their 8th child was born in Jay County, Indiana, which borders on the west central side of Ohio. Andrew died in Jay County at the age of 37 on May 3, 1838. Their 9th child was born in Jay County after Andrew died.
Nancy Remarries
The 1840 census places Nancy in Washington Township in Guernsey County, Ohio, two counties east of Licking County. It was there in Guernsey County that the young widow married John Reed on December 23, 1841. John and Nancy had 3 more children all born in Guernsey County. Based on the Federal census taken on August 1, 1850 in Jackson Township, Allen County, Ohio, Nancy is living there as a widow with some of her children from both marriages, thus it is assumed that John died before that date. The exact date nor place of his death are not known. John's death is confirmed when his Will was probated in Allen County, Ohio on October 29, 1850.

The 1860 census shows Nancy still in Allen County with her 3 children from her second marriage. She must have moved to Iowa shortly there after to where her daughter, Elizabeth, was living. Nancy's, son, Jesee, died in Cedar County, Iowa on November 1, 1961. By 1870, Nancy is living in Wapsnonoc Township in Muscatine County, Iowa with her married daughter from her second marriage, Martha. Nancy died on March 20, 1880, in Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa and is buried in the Rochester Cemetery, where her teenage son, Jesse, is also buried.

Children of Andrew Brown and Nancy Mary Williams

James Brown born October 12, 1822 in Ohio.

John Brown born June 5, 1825 in Ohio.

Andrew Brown born March 14, 1827 in Ohio.

Nancy Brown born May 29, 1829 in Ohio.

Marion Curtis Brown born May 10, 1830 in Jackson Township, Licking County, Ohio.

Elizabeth Brown born February 9, 1832 in Jackson Township, Licking County, Ohio.

Cyrus Nelson Brown born November 16, 1834 in Jackson Township, Licking County, Ohio.

Francis Marion Brown born May 15, 1837 in Jay County, Indiana.

Hiram Brown born after 1838 in Jay county, Indiana.

Children of John Reed and Nancy Mary Williams

Jemina Reed born October 4, 1842 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Jesse E. Reed born about 1844 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Martha Wood Reed born November 17, 1847 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

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