The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Lillian's Maternal Paternal Paternal
Great Great Grandparents

   William          Martha
    Knapp          Luscomb
      |               |
            Paul  --------- Priscilla
          Knapp Sr    |      Edwards
                    Paul  ------- Sophronia
                  Knapp Jr   |     Warren
           Alden  ------- Jenett
           Henry     |    Knapp
          Whitcomb   |
William Paul Daniel Knapp Sr. and Martha Patty Luscomb
Family Group
William Knapp was born in 1742 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, which is just a few miles east of Providence, Rhode Island. It was there that he met and married Martha Luscombe on November 1, 1762. She was born in Rehoboth in 1744.

About 1770, after their first three children were born in Massachusetts, they moved to Moretown, Vermont, just a few miles west of the capital, Montpelier. There they had 5 more children. During this same period of time, Willian served as a Revolutionary Soldier.

The 1790 U.S. Census shows they were in Orange Township in Grafton County, New Hampshire, which just across the state line east of Montpelier, and it was there that their nineth child was born.

They moved back to Moretown, Vermont where William died in 1794. Martha lived another 49 years and died in Moretown in 1843. Both are buried in the Fairmont Cemetery in Moretown.

Children of William Paul Daniel Knapp Sr. and Martha Patty Luscomb

William Paul Daniel Knapp Jr. born November 29, 1764 in Raynham, Bristol, Massachusetts.

Paul Knapp Sr. born about 1766 in Raynham, Bristol, Massachusetts.

Robert Knapp born about 1768 in Massachusetts.

Martha Knapp born September 10, 1773 in Moretown, Washington, Vermont.

Nathan Knapp born about 1775 probably in Moretown, Washington, Vermont.

Abigail Knapp born about 1778 probably in Moretown, Washington, Vermont.

Judith Knapp born in 1780 probably in Moretown, Washington, Vermont.

Liscomb Knapp born 16 December 1786 in Moretown,Washington, Vermont.

Francis Liscomb Knapp born 5 May 1789 in Orange Township, Grafton, New Hampshire.

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