The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Maternal Paternal Paternal
Great Great Grandparents

              Peter        Eve
            Staley II    Unknown
                |           |
                   Peter ----- Hannah
                Staley III |    Hall
                         Peter ----- Elizabeth
                       Staley IV |     Brown
                Samuel ----- Margaret
                Haines   |    Ellen
                McAdams  |    Staley
Peter Staley II and Eve Unknown
Peter was born in Chanceford Township in York County, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1766, a date based on his age given at the time of his death. Peter's father came Pensylvania from Switzerland Her last name has not been discovered nor has the exact date of their marriage. Nothing is known about Eve except that she had at least 8 children with Peter Staley. The first of those children were born in Berkeley County, Virginia and the rest were born in neighboring Botetourt County, Virginia. Both of these counties are now part of West Virginia.
Around 1820 as land was becoming available in Ohio, Peter move with his entire family to Pickaway County in Ohio and then finally to Jackson Township in Allen County in the middle western part of Ohio. Both Peter and Eve died in Jackson Township, he on July 10, 1844 at age 77 and she 10 years later on May 4, 1854 at age 87.
Children of Peter Staley Sr and Eve

Melchoir born on a calculated date of August 3, 1792 in Berkeley County, Virginia.

Peter Staley Jr. (see Charles' Maternal Paternal Great-Grandparents)

Catherine Staley born about 1796 in Berkeley County, Virginia.

Jacob Staley born on September 15, 1798 in Botetcourt County, Virginia.

John Staley born on March 27, 1801 in Botetcourt County, Virginia.

Sarah (Sally) Staley born about 1802 in Frederick, Virginia.

Elizabeth Staley born about 1806 in Virginia.

Eve (Eva) Staley born November 4, 1809 in Botetcourt County, Virginia.

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