The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
Charles' Maternal Paternal Maternal
Great Great Grandparents

                   James A       Keziah
                     Hall         Kane
                       |           |
               Peter ----- Hannah
             Staley Jr |    Hall
                     Peter ----- Elizabeth
                  Staley III |     Brown
             Samuel ----- Margaret
             Haines   |    Ellen
             McAdams  |    Staley
James A. Hall and Keziah Kane
Family Group
County Confusion
James was born about 1775 probably in Halltown in what was Berkeley County, Virginia. The community was originially formed in the mid 1700's on land owned by James' Grandfather, William Hall, in what was at the time Frederick County, Virginia. Berkeley County was formed out of part of Frederick County in 1772. Halltown today is a small unincorporated community in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Jefferson County was formed out of part of Berkeley County when West Virginia became a state after the Civil War.
It is believed that Keziah was born about 1777 in Berkeley County, Virginia. Her father came from Ireland and unfortuately he died (about 1781) just a few years after Keziah was born. Keziah married James Hall on September 23, 1798 in Berkeley County, Virginia. There were 2 children born to this marriage, Hannah about 1800 and William about 1805, both in Berkeley County, Viginia.
Ohio became a territory in 1799 and a state in 1803. As the land was surveyed more and more land was opened up to new settlers how came primarily from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Sometime around 1810 James and family moved to Ohio which coincides with the forming of Pickaway County where they settled. There was no census taken in Ohio until 1820 and James and family do not appear in a 1810 Federal Census in Virginia.
Double Tragedy
Keziah dies in Ohio about 1815, but no death record has been found. James remarries quickly on April 11, 1816 to a 18 year old girl from Kentucky by the name of Eunice Petty. Anthony is born about 1817 and his mother dies. There is a grave marker for Enice Petty Hall and her son, Anthony (d 1906), in the Old MIssion Cemetery in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County, Ohio. James and Eunice must have moved to that area and then James moved back to Pickaway County after Eunice died.
Third Marriage
James then marries 24 years old Sarah Saloma Staley on March 29, 1819 in Pickaway County and a few months later Rachel Simmons is born. The 1820 Federal Census for Pickaway County, Ohio shows a James Hall with two children under 10 years old, a boy and a girl. The boy is Anthony from James' second wife and the girl is Rachel from his third wife. One male is represented as being between 26 and 45, which matches James. There is only one more female recorded and she is between 16 and 26 years of age, which matches with Sarah's age.
An interesting twist here is that Sarah is the daughter of Melchoir Staley who is the older brother of Peter Staley II who is another of Charles McAdams' Great-Great-Grandfathers as is James Hall as well. Which complicates relationships even further when Peter's son, Peter Staley III, marries James Hall's daughter, Hannah, from James' first marriage. Sarah is Hannah's step-mother and first cousin to Hannah's husband.
Tragedy Again
James and Sarah have 3 more daughter: Catherine Ann (b 1821), Sarah (b 1822), and Elizabeth (b 1826). Tragedy strikes again that same year. There is a tombstone in McLaine Cemetery in Circleville, the county seat for Pickaway County, for James showing he died in 1826.

Sarah is left with a stepson and 4 small children of her own all under the age of 10. Sarah, James' widow, remarries to Ezekiel West and they have 3 more daughters and a son named James.

Children of James A. Hall and Keziah Kane

Hannah Hall born about 1800 in Berkeley County, Virginia

William C. Hall about 1805 in Berkeley County, Virginia

Child of James A. Hall and Eunice Petty

Anthony Fisher Hall born in December of 1817 in Pickaway County, Ohio.

Children of James A. Hall and Sarah Salome Staley

Rachel Simmons Hall born in April of 1819 in Pickaway County, Ohio.

Catherine Ann born on January 23, 1821 in Pickaway County, Ohio.

Sarah Hall born in March of 1822 in Pickaway County, Ohio.

Elizabeth Hall born on May 10, 1826 in Pickaway County, Ohio.

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