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Charles Glenn PETERSEN

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THIRUP, Aage (1907-)
THIRUP, Anna Margrete (1910-)
THIRUP, Asta (1911-)
THIRUP, Christian (1912-)
THIRUP, Ellen (1920-)
THIRUP, Jens (1916-)
THIRUP, Johannes (1908-)
THIRUP, Kirsten Marie (1905-)
THIRUP, Kjeld (1941-)
THIRUP, Knud (1918-)
THIRUP, Kristian (1906-1908)
THIRUP, Martha (1915-1972)
THIRUP, Ole Christian Christensen (1904-1965)
THIRUP, Olga (1933-)
THIRUP, Søren Christensen (1904-)
THIRUP, Valdemar (1914-)