Mama's Star of Bethlem Quilt

This quilt was started by my mother in 1949, shortly after she married my father, and before I was born! She stopped working on it to have 3 children, then worked on it some more, then had 2 more children, then was tired and frustrated with it since it was difficult to piece. Part of the difficultly was because she used cardboard templates to cut the diamond pieces, and the template was not a perfect diaond shape. Thus, the pieces were not going together perfectly! She gave it to me in the 1990's but I put it in the closet.

During the summer of 2013, her health was failing so I decided I needed to get it out and finished it for her. I finished it 2 days before she passed away and she was thrilled that it was finished.

I found a purple floral print for the back that coordinates with the front. My youngest sister has it now.
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