Missouri Wildflowers Quilt

Missouri Wildflowers Quilt is an original-design made for Nancy's brother, Robert. He selected the most common wildflowers he has seen in the prairies and woodlands of Missouri. Using wildflower field guides, Nancy drew a pattern for each flower, hand-appliqued the flower to blocks of fabric, adding embroidery details to make the flower recognizable. Beneath each flower, the common name and scientific name was written with permanent pen.

Each block was outline-quilted then that outline was "echoed" to the edge of the block. The "echos" for the block meet at the edges much like ripples on a pond.

The quilt was hand-appliqued and hand-pieced (100 hours), then hand-quilted (100 hours of quilting) and completed in 2011. Each block has a different wildflower from Missouri.
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