I Spy Quilts

These "I Spy" quilts are based on a board game where 2 players look for 2 pictures the same, and cover them with game chips. Both quilts are made of novelty fabrics with 2 of each print randomly scattered on the quilt. Both quilts were completed in 2005 and took 25 hours to make.

The pink I Spy was made for my friend Julie, who has a son and she and her husband adopted a Russian baby, Kristina, which they received at age one year. Kristina's brother, Ethan, can play the game with her.

The purple I Spy quilt was made for my youngest sister's (Michele) girls, Madison and Kaitlyn, ages 4.5 and 2 at the time the quilt was made. Madison can help Kaitlyn find the matching pictures and cover them with game chips.

Both quilts have a pocket on the back for storing the game chips.
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