Challenge Quilt

These challenge blocks, which were made by members of the Scrapper’s Quilt Guild, were won by me in a drawing in December 2006. Margaret J. Miller’s book, Smashing Sets (2000) was used to design the quilt. A scale drawing was the first step. Then a full-sized drawing was constructed by taping together graph paper the actual size of the finished quilt, and drawing the full-size design onto the graph paper. Then templates were made of the background pieces. The top was machine-pieced by Nancy by October 2007. There are actually 2 more blocks on the back, which is composed of pieces of the leftover scraps of fabric from the top.

The quilt was hand-quilted by Nancy with fans and ribbons connecting the fans in the background, and different quilting designs in each block. The outer border has ray lines emanating from the center, as from the sun.

Click here to see closeup photos of some of the quilting.
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