Calla Lily Quilt

When I saw this quilt in the magazine (Frbruary 2005 issue of Quilters World, I knew it would be challenging for it included a lot of curved piecing. I have not done much, as I think it would be harder, especially on a sewing machine. This pattern suggested drawing the pattern onto gridded fusible interfacing, then fusing the pattern onto the back of fabric.The grid lines were to be used to line up the pieces for sewing together. Well, it worked beautifully!

This quilt was definitely a challenge for me, as it included not only curved piecing, but fusible raw-edge appliqué of the butterflies in the four corners. I felt the quilt needed lots of quilting to set it off, which I did. I echo-quilted around the calla lilies, stippled around the buds and in the corners, and quilted a small calla lily in each of the pink squares in the border.
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