Star Wedding Ring Bedrunner Quilt

I had always been intrigued by the wedding ring quilt pattern, but was afraid of the curves! When I found that Judy Niemeyer had a foundation paper piecing pattern for a variation of the wedding ring pattern, I decided I could at least make a bedrunner. The star variation of the wedding ring pattern was so much more elegant.

It seemed like forever just to cut out all the foundation papers (over 4 hours). Then I sorted my fabrics from lights to darks and started piecing. I had to keep the different pattern sections in stacks until all the foundation papers had fabric sewn on them.

Then all the pieces were laid out before they were sewn together. I found some floral fabric that contained all the colors for the backing, and used some swirling quilting designs for the open spaces. It is so beautiful on my king-size bed!!

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