Breast Cancer Ribbon Butterflies Quilt and Pillow

When my sister Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer, my friend Donna (who is a breast cancer survivor) urged me to make a quilt for her using the breast cancer ribbon for awareness. I found this pattern online and thought it was so interesting and unique. Donna used her fancy fabric-cutting equipment to cut out the ribbons, but I had to cut the other parts to the butterflies out by hand. Donna and I appliqued the butterflies to squares of fabric using a tiny zigzag stitch on her machine. Then I pieced the blocks together without sashing so it looked like lots of butterflies flying.

The quilt was echo-quilted with gray thread so that it appears as if the butterflies are flapping their wings to fly!

The quilt was machine-appliqued and machine-pieced and then hand-quilted by Nancy E. Miller.

A matching pillow with a butterfly shows the echo-quilting done around each butterfly.
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