Golden Wedding Anniversary

This wall-hanging quilt was especially designed by Nancy for her parent's, Dale and Barbara Miller, 50th wedding anniversary. It was a group project involving all of the her siblings.
Catherine Palmer appliqued the hearts. The single hearts represent each of the grandchildren and there is a double heart to represent each child and their spouse. All hearts are signed by the individual and each heart has a date for birth or wedding respectively.
Michele added the green triangles in the corners and on the edges.
Sarah put the quilt together.
Robert made the quilt hanger from walnut trees off the Miller farm.
Nancy did all of the quilting and had the picture scanned and its image transferred directly to the material. The picture is from the wedding of Dale and Barbara. To Barbara's right are her parents, Willard and Mabel (Craig) Gaines. To Dale's left are his parents, Paul and Lucy (Carr) Miller.
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