A Novel of Superhuman Recovery

by E. A. Petersen
Chapter 1 The Accident
	He remembered losing his balance
Chapter 2 The Candidate
	We have a good candidate
Chapter 3 Waking Up, "Knowing"
	Retuning to the consicous world
Chapter 4 Revelation
	The strange new capability
Chapter 5 The DVD
	An evening with Stu Nichols
Chapter 6 Let's Make a Deal
	A lawyer introduced himself
Chapter 7 Reading Marks' Mind
	Three doctors gathered around two computer screens
Chapter 8 Playing Games
	He wondered about the information Jerome had given him
Chapter 9  Marks Can Read My Mind
	She now knew the implant was working too well
Chapter 10 Marks is Gone
	Jordan was annoyed with Candle for risking his cover
Chapter 11 After the Big Date
	It was 1 am when Marks returned
Chapter 12 The Morning After
	Time to pay for one's sins
Chapter 13 Active Thoughts
	I had something to offer her
Chapter 14 Out of the Hospital
	Dr. Olson handed him a thick manila envelope
Chapter 15 News Suits
	Frankie Silva was not that hard to find
Chapter 16 Nailing the Captain
	He marveled a what he had become
Chapter 17 Tracking Me
	He could hear a faint beeping in his head
Chapter 18 The Lawyers
	The investigative firm of Bonneville and Marks
Chapter 19 They're Coming
	Bonneville returned the call to T-Bird
Chapter 20 Peace Party
	Dinner that evening for having a good time
Chapter 21 Agreement
	The doorman was expecting him
Chapter 22 Kidnap and Rescue
	We have our first case
Chapter 23 On and Off
	Three people were waiting to meet him
Chapter 24 Back From the Dead
	Waking up in a hospital room was getting old
Chapter 25 The Implant Revealed
	You have been given some unbelievable capabilities
Chapter 26 Car Bamb
	De Ville Detective Agency had a list of clients
Chapter 27 Saint Andrew's
	A large dark-blue helicopter moments from touching down
Chapter 28 The Visit
	Lance Winford says something is troubling his wife
Chapter 29 The Unconscious Mind
	Is her mind still active?
Chapter 30 HEAT
	HEAT is spying on Syntil
Chapter 31 In Business
	Tomorrow could be another major breakthrough
Chapter 32 Resurrection
	The wedding date was set
Chapter 33 The Brawl
	They found this Malcolm guy
Chapter 34 Stu is back
	Marks wasn't sure what to expect
Chapter 35 The Meeting
	Money was going to be part of the meeting