A Novel of Superhuman Recovery

by E. A. Petersen


At St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, a highly secretive mission is taking place - so covert that even those involved aren't privy to its inner workings. Syntil, the electronic empire, has spent millions of dollars developing an implant that gives the human brain an extraordinary capability...and provides Syntil with leverage in pushing their worldwide social, political, and economic agenda.
Cliff Marks, who just survived a near-fatal construction site accident, is selected without his consent to undergo a clandestine operation to insert an electronic device in his brain. After five failed attempts, a Syntil agent assembles a new team of medical specialists, making Marks their sixth and only successful implant patient. His slowly emerging competencies stun the medial team and far exceed Syntil's expectation. Over time, Marks develops an extensive network of connections, as well as growing suspicions, with a memorable cast of character - some with dark and dangerous intentions.
Will Marks learn to trust others before his life is threatened? How will he deal with the powerful and enduring effect of the implant?