Charles Glenn Petersen

1956 - Air Force Years


We were given 30 days leave which we spent in central Iowa around Churdan, where our father was now working as Manager of the Farmers Co-op Elevator. He was basically a grain dealer, buying and selling grain, and a provider of livestock feed and fertilizer to the farmers. He had moved from Terril shortly before we joined the Air Force.

Ed and I boarded a bus in Jefferson, Iowa, for the long trip to McQuire AFB across the Hudson River from New York City in New Jersey. We had a few days there processing and made at least one trip into Manhattan. I donít remember much about Manhattan nor how we got there but I do remember riding the subway heading for Broadway and 42nd Street. We got off the subway the first time we saw a Broadway subway stop. We were in the Bowery and a long way from our target destination.

From McQuire AFB we were flown in a C 54 aircraft to Goose Bay AFB in Labrador. The aircraft had 4 propeller engines and very uncomfortable seats that faced backward, plus it was very noisy.