Charles Glenn Petersen

1956 - Air Force Years

Brookfield Radar Site

Our year was up. We finally got a helicopter ride back to Goose Bay and then on to the USA. To our surprise, we were both reassigned to the same radar site near Youngstown, Ohio.

We had 30 days leave and went back to Churdan, using it as a home base but finding ways to go other places. While I was in Labrador, I wrote letters to just about every girl I had ever dated. Hoping for some touch of normalcy and communications with the outside world. One of those girls was Molly Mulaney from Mason City, Iowa. I had first met Molly on a blind date during my Sophmore year at Iowa State. One of the guys in our Fraternity had a big car, an Oldsmobile 98. He knew a girl at a nursing school in Minneapolis. He made arrangements to visit her and bring along 3 other guys if she could line up 3 other nursing students. My blind date was Molly. Yes, all 8 of us fit neatly into the big Oldsmobile, 2 couples in the back and 2 couples in the front. We had a great time and Molly and I hit it off very well.