Charles Glenn Petersen

1953 - College Years I

Estherville Junior College (continued)

So I went to Estherville Junior College for my Freshman year. I lived at home and commuted the 16 miles to Junior College, which at that time was held in the Estherville High School building. In some ways it was like going to the 13th grade.

After a year at Junior College, I had managed to lower my GPA to 2.4, but since it was from college, albeit Junior College, and greater than the 2.0 GPA required to remain in college, I was now acceptable at Iowa State College. I jokingly say that I went to Junior College so I could lower my GPA so I could get into Iowa State.

My father paid my tuition to Estherville Junior College and gave me travel and lunch money for that year, but was not interested in doing the same for Iowa State, so I was on my own. I had earned enough and saved enough to get me through one year at Iowa State.