Charles Glenn Petersen

1946 - Terril Years


I started school in the 5th grade in Terril at the Lloyd Township Consolidated School. The school was located over on the other side of town about 5 blocks from home, door-to-door. I don't remember much about the 5th grade except Alyse Mohr. I was in love with Alyse Mohr and I consider her a dear friend to this day. The teacher may have been Harriet Olsen, at least she was the teacher in one of those lower grades. Grade school was not easy for me nor my brother for that matter. It wasn't until about the 8th grade that I ever got an A and that was in spelling. How that ever happened I don't understand for I am to this day a terrible speller. I did find Math, really just Arithmetic in those grades, to be the easiest subject.

Once into high school, science and math were my only good subjects. Most boys were more interested in sports. Terril High had 3 male sports: football, basketball, and baseball, and 1 female sport, basketball, well today we might include Cheerleader as a girl's sport. Alyse was a cheerleader and I was still in love.