Charles Glenn Petersen

1946 - Terril Years


Dad bought a house on the east edge of Terril, just 2+ blocks from downtown and about 4 blocks from the elevator. Terril, in Dickenson County, was and still is today a town of maybe 500 people. The house was quite a step up in the world from the little one in Ringsted. It had 6 rooms on the main floor; kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 bedrooms (my brother and I now had our room where we slept in bunk beds), and a wonder of all wonders, a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and a shower. The house also had enclosed front and back porches, plus a full basement with a coal-fired convection furnace, central heating so to speak. There was no forced air blower nor thermostat but by comparison to the stove in Ringsted, it was wonderful. We had arrived.