Charles Glenn Petersen

1936 - Early Years

Christmas Eve

I remember all of the relatives in the area gathering at somebody's house for Christmas Eve. There we would eat Danish food: a variety of open-faced rye bread sandwiches buttered edge-to-edge, including rullepølse, sliced hard-cooked eggs, and other toppings; Æbleskiver; Sødsuppe; Vienerbrød; and Ice Cream. All of these things were home-made, none of them were bought at the local grocery store. At these kind of family gatherings I learned the Danish card game Skærvindsel, playing with my cousins; Perry, Lloyd, and Paul. On Christmas morning we would travel to Swea City to spend the day with Mother's parents, Charles and Lillian McAdams. Sometimes we would go there late on Christmas Eve. There were 2 bedrooms upstairs where we would sleep overnight. In fact, we often travelled the 16 miles to Swea City for Sunday dinner.