Charles Glenn Petersen

1936 - Early Years


The first home I remember was on the corner just one block south of the west end of Main Street. The house was quite small and had only 3 rooms. The large room ran the length of the west wall and served as a dining room on the north end and a living room on the south end. I don't remember much about the furniture except we had a upright wooden-cased radio on the south wall. There was also a coal-fired stove in the room for heating. The room on the northeast of the house was a small kitchen that had a stove with an oven, and a sink, which had the only running water in the house, there was no bathroom. The southeast room covered about 2/3 of the east side on the house and it had 2 double beds in it. My brother and I slept in one bed and my parents in the other. To the north of the house across a small yard was the single car garage. The car in the garage was mother's 1931 2-door Chevrolet. Inside the east end of garage was a toilet with no running water, it was basically an outhouse, only inside the garage.