Charles Glenn Petersen

1936 - Early Years

Farmer's Elevator

I was told years later that my father ran a general merchandize store in Ringsted for several years and the owner from another town sold the store and Dad was unemployed. Don't know when this happened but it was probably 1940-41. I don't remember any of this, but I do remember that there was a period of time when he painted houses with his Uncle Chris Skow. In 1942, he became the bookkeeper for the local Farmer's Co-op Elevator, but I don't remember him starting work there. I do however remember him working at the elevator. I don't believe he had any formal training in that line of work except experience from his work as a merchant in prior years. My father was the only one of his five brothers that graduated from high school. Uncle Jens Petersen did graduate from Junior High School. The other 4 boys went to work after the sixth grade.