The C. A. McAdams Family

The C. A. McAdams Family

Our American Roots

by Charles G. Petersen
McAdams Children

Edward William
Family Group

Both Edward and his sister, Emma, had bought adjacant plots of land in Morton County, North Dakota. He married 18 year old Bethseda (Bessie) Catharine Edmundson on 16 Jan 1912 in Mandan, North Dakota. Bessie was born in 1893 in Winona, Minnesota and had moved to North Dakota with her parents. She tragically died on 17 Jan 1913 after just one year of marriage and just a week after giving birth to a daughter that Edward named Bessie Emma after his deceased wife and his sister. Edward moved back to Iowa, I suppose it was deemed necessary to be nearer to family so there would be help for him to raise an infant daughter.

Four years later he married Sarah Louise Boevers from Fenton, Iowa on 2 May 1917. In 1920 they were living in Lake Park, Iowa in Dickinson County where he was listed as a barber and owned his own shop. They eventually moved to California where Edward worked as a Postman for the U.S. Postal Service.
Bessie married Rodney Vreeland Cogswell on June 16, 1937 in Los Angeles. Bessie died at the age of 85 in 1998, probably in Placer County, California where she and her husband lived for many years.

Edward and Sarah had one child, Henry Edward born on 2 Mar 1929 in Los Angeles County, probably in El Monte where they were living according to the 1930 census. Henry graduated from Occidental College and married Gail Youker Johnson in Cook County, Illinois on May 6, 1960. She was born in Auburn, New York on July 7, 1935. A guy from the west coast marries a gal from the east coast in the middle of the country. There has to be an interesting story there. Henry died at the age of 89 in San Diego on June 27, 2018.

Sometime after 1940 Edward and Sarah moved to San Diego County. They both died in El Cajon, Edward on 15 Mar 1974 and Sarah 23 Oct 1978.